Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement
The Mission of Big Bridge Academy is to prepare highly motivated and talented students from all economic backgrounds for higher learning at leading institutions by providing a college-preparatory education of the highest quality through dedicated faculty and effective administration.

Inspired by the motto “Striving for Success, Endeavoring for Excellence”, the school promotes teamwork, integrity and commitment. With highly qualified teachers who take professional, rigorous, and innovative approaches to educating students, the school is committed to help students develop their love of learning, critical thinking abilities and decision making skills.

Core Values
Family – We preserve family values, including loving parents and elders, as key ingredients in the learning experience.
Respect – We treat every person with whom we come in contact with dignity and respect.
Integrity – We act with honesty and openness in all of our dealings.
Learning – We foster passion for lifelong learning for access to a better quality of life and for contributions to our global society.


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