Wuxi Big Bridge Academy is a rigorous college-preparatory day school enrolling students in Grade 7 through Grade 12. Big Bridge prides itself in providing a challenging and comprehensive educational experience to leaders of next generation. To that end, we are seeking talented candidates who will facilitate the learning and growth of young people and prepare graduates to be among the best in their chosen fields of endeavor.

Current Openings:
Applications are now being accepted for the faculty positions in the following departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Social Studies

If you wish to be considered for a position, please send a cover letter and resume together with your college transcript to: employment@bigbridgeacademy.org


学前街校区:学前街38号    菱湖校区:菱湖大道9号(菱湖大道与具区路交叉路口)    电话:0510-81896789
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