Summer Study Abroad Programs

At Big Bridge, we encourage motivated students who want to make a forward leap in English learning, to gain firsthand experience of US campus life and to learn more about American people and culture to participate in one of the English language programs, or pre-college / college programs offered by renowned institutions. Based on onsite visits and after careful evaluations, Big Bridge is pleased to sponsor or recommend the following institutions and their programs to Big Bridge students. Interested students or parents may contact your advisors for more information.

Sponsored Programs:

 ●English as a Second Language Summer Program at Lake Forest Academy

Lake Forest Academy has offered a comprehensive summer program in English as a Second Language (ESL) for the past 31 years. The program runs for five weeks beginning on July 11 and ending on August 12, and is for secondary school students between the ages of 13-19.  More>>

 ● Summer Lab, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

Summer Lab programs offer so many different opportunities for children to learn, connect, and discover, from sports and theater to urban adventure and academics. The programs are fun and like everything at Lab, they are designed to inspire curiosity, creativity, and confidence in each child.

In an environment that focuses on kids, Summer Labbies make new friends, learn new skills, play, make art, explore the environment, perform, and much, much more. All of this takes place in and around an unparalleled university setting that enriches our summer fun in incomparable ways and helps our Summer Lab children make the most of the promise of summer.


Recommended Programs:

   ●High School Summer College, Stanford University

 ●Pre-College Programs, Brown University

 ●Summer Session, Andover Phillips Academy

 ●Summer Programs, Phillips Exeter Academy

 ●Summer English Language Program (SELP), The Athenian School







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